Activity event list

Up-to-date list of the existing type of events that are registered for your account (and potentially team members).

Event typeDescription
success-tools, error-toolsA product was used successfully or generated an error (whether initiated from the manual page, API, or batch processing)
success-password_changePassword was changed from the Account management page
create-api, edit-api, reactivate-api, deactivate-apiSelf-explanatory event regarding API Management
login, logout, logout_allLogin attempt was successful, logout attempt was successful, or an action to logout all sessions was performed
start-password_reset, success-password_resetA password reset was initiated, or succeeded
sent-invite, cancel-invite, accept-inviteAn invite was sent, canceled or accepted
pause-batch_processing ,create-batch_processing, resume-batch_processing, cancel-batch_processingAn action was performed to pause, initiate, resume or cancel a batch processing operation
create-support, respond-support, close-supportA new support ticket was created, responded to or closed
create-role, edit-role, remove-roleA role was created, edited or removed from the Teams tab
deactivate-team_member, reactivate-team_member, edit-team_member, remove-team_memberA team member was deactivated, reactivated, edited or permanently removed
rename-teamThe team was renamed
forbidden-action, forbidden-url, navigate-urlA team member tried to perform an action with insufficient permission, or to access a forbidden URL, or to visit a forbidden page
create-link, remove-link, remove_all-linkA public link was created, removed, or all of the links were removed
success-topup, error-topup, change-topupA top-up was successful, failed, or the auto top-up settings were updated
update-accountThe billing details were changed
failed_paymentA payment failed on your account
error_generalAn error occurred when using a functionality of the dashboard