How our billing & pricing works ?


Our pricing model is simple: no commitment, no minimum, and fully pay-as-you-go.

Your wallet is linked to your account, and gets debited every time you perform a Deep Check. You can add funds to your wallet freely by setting up a card.

When your wallet is out of funds, you won't be able to perform Deep Check anymore.

Your current price per request is determined automatically by your usage: the more Deep Check you perform in a 30-day window, the less expensive they become. You can see and simulate your monthly pricing here:

The 30-day window starts when you create your account, and is reset every 30 days after that.


Billing page

You can follow your current pricing ranges in the billing section.

As you can see on the screenshot, you are shown that we will unlock the next pricing range of $0.06 if you perform 4868 requests in the next 25 days. It means that for the next 4868 requests, you will be billed at your current price per request of $0.07.

If the 4868 requests are performed under 25 days, all subsequent requests after that will be billed at $0.06. The next potential price range will be $0.055 in 15,000 requests, and so on.

When those 25 days are elapsed, the pricing will reset to the initial price range of $0.07, and the process restarts, for 30 more days.


All of our prices are always in US dollars

Practical example

Let's imagine your account was created on the 2023-01-10. The price per requests will be at the initial price range of $0.07.

If during the next 30 days, you perform 72,500 requests, your wallet will have been debited of:

1st pricing range (5k first requests) : 5000 $0.07 = 350
2nd pricing range (from 5k to 20k) : 15000
$0.06 = 900
3nd pricing range (from 20k to 50k) : 30000 $0.055 = 1650
4nd pricing range (from 50k to 100k) : 22500
$0.05 = 1125

The total will be $4025.

On the 2023-02-10, the window period and price range will resets, and you will again start climbing the automatic volume discounts.

For any additional billing-related questions, check out our Billing FAQ, or contact the support.