Response time & timeout settings

Response time explanation

Our data enrichment process relies on hundreds of diverse external data sources to provide you with accurate information about any email or phone.

As a result, our overall request response time varies depending on how fast 3rd party servers respond to ours.



When data cannot be retrieved from a 3rd party, we cut the process of data retrieving, and the specific service will end up in the error state when the request is run via API, and its icon will show in red when performing manual checks.

Refer to our Individual service timeout section for more information.

To give you total control over the response time of our Deep Checks tools, our endpoints are wrapped with security measures & settings to control overall response time, in order to get faster or more detailed results.

Timeout settings

We have 3 timeout modes, which provide different levels of accuracy and maximum response time.



The normal timeout settings offer the best results between reasonable response time and a low average of individual service lookup failure.

Here are the details of the various timeout settings:

timeoutDescriptionResponse timeService failure rate
minimalFor time-sensitive cases. Fastest response time, but an average of 15% of online profiles checks will fail.2700 ms (2.7 seconds)15%
normalGood compromise between response time and error ratio (5% of online profiles will fail).

This is the default mode of operation.
3600 ms (3.6 seconds)5%
extensiveThis is the most accurate setting.

If your use case allows for additional time in exchange for detail, we recommend this timeout setting.
5000 ms (5 seconds)2%


Minimal timeout warning

If you are particularly interested in gathering the pictures behind a phone number or email address, this mode of operation is discouraged, as collecting pictures is slower. We recommend using at least the normal setting.


Final note

We want to state that reducing response time and lowering individual services failure rate is one of our top priorities. We are working daily on optimizing the system, cutting response time by any milliseconds we can.