Generate public shareable links

One of the features of the Observer is that you can generate publicly accessible links to quickly share your fraud prevention reports or data enrichment results with others.

A public link has a simple format, for example:

Public link options

When creating a public link, you will have the choice to:

  • Set an optional expiry date for the link to be deactivated automatically and prevent any misuse
  • Send it to any email

Manage and kill your public links

You can view and control your links from My public link tab.

You can determine if your public link has been seen by reviewing the conveniently provided visit counter.


When a link expires or is removed, it displays a 404 NOT FOUND error.



For security purposes, a button is available to kill all of your links at once. To eliminate all public links, click Remove All My Public Links.

Opening a public link

When a public link is opened, the report will be presented to the selected recipient exactly as it would if opened within the dashboard, but without having to login.