What is a batch?

Batches are an easy and efficient way to run our various tools against data lists in just a few clicks.

All batch results will be available for download and retrievable in real-time during batch processing (you do not have to wait for the batch to be completed).

Run a batch

To run a batch, you will need a list of data that you wish to analyze. This is a list of elements (either email addresses or phone numbers) that you wish to run at one go.

The format is simple: one email address or phone number per line (depending on the tool you will run).



The minimum count of elements is 5, and the maximum is 50,000.

  1. First, copy and paste all of your data into the text box.
  2. Choose the tool you will be running the batch process for.
  3. Provide a custom label for this batch of elements for analysis. This is optional but recommended.
  4. Check if the count of elements detected matches your expectations, and check for any bad format lines. Defastra provides basic internal validation for email addresses and phone numbers.

Finally, if more than 5 valid elements are present in the field provided, click Run the Batch.


Batch started successfully



We advise you to always set a label to your batch so that you can easily identify what data you used.

You can follow the batch progress and control it from your Current & previous batch tab.



Batches need up to 60 seconds to start processing your elements. To ensure the process is actually Starting or Running, simply refresh and check the State column.


Example of previous batches

Within the Current and Previous batch tab, you can follow the progress of your batch, and see the results.

Batch states

A batch can be in any of those 5 states:

  • Starting : the batch will start processing elements in the next 60 seconds
  • Running : the batch is processing elements
  • Paused : the batch was paused by you or because you ran out of balance
  • Cancelled : the batch was canceled by you or because there were too many errors during the process
  • Completed : the batch was successfully processed

Batch actions

3 actions are available to control your batch:

  • Pause : only Starting or Running batches can be paused.
  • Resume : only Paused batches can be resumed.
  • Cancel : only Starting or Running batches can be canceled. Batch cancellation is useful if you realize you made a mistake in your submitted data and want to change them.



Be aware that a canceled batch cannot be resumed.

Occasional errors in batch processing

If your list contains invalid elements (for example, a phone number that has a valid format such as 12040000000, with the correct number of digits, and therefore not caught by Defastraโ€™s initial validation), errors will be generated and added to the Error count.

To review and determine the cause of such errors, a button is provided which will allow you to download the error details to a .csv file.



Whenever an error is thrown (from any origin, be it manual tools, API or batch), your wallet will not be debited.

If you run out of funds during a batch


In case your wallet run out of funds during batch processing, the batch will be put in Paused state, and we will send you a warning by email.

You will have to top-up your wallet and then resume the batch processing manually.

More info

For more information about how to access & download your batch results, refer to this guide.